Saturday, February 7, 2015

American (Birthday) Girl

This Christmas McKinley got her first American Girl doll, so it was only natural that for her birthday she went to the American girl doll store in Orlando. I really don't like parties....For a few reasons:

1). They are expensive. You have to get goody bags for all the kids, cake, and then if you have it at a venue...it is no less than $300.

2). They stress me out! Coming up with a theme, trying to entertain 10 or so kids...It just does! I so wish I was one of these pinterest moms who could whip up a beautiful, creative party for my girls but it's just not in my genes.

3). They don't need all those gifts...period!

So with all that being said, we rotate each year for parties. One year the girls just have a family outing and then the opposite year they can choose to have a party with friends or they can opt to go somewhere with just our family. When Morgan turned 12 we started giving her the option of a party or just taking the money we would spend on a party and going shopping--you can guess what she has chosen every year:) and honestly, I love it!

So this year McKinley wanted to stay overnight in Orlando, go to the American girl store and have dinner (She just wanted it to be the two of us and her doll for dinner) and then go walk around Downtown Disney. So that is what we did.

McKinley got some gift cards to American girl for Christmas so she was more than excited to finally get to spend them along with her b'day money from family! The pictures above is Paisley, her doll, at the salon getting her hair fixed:)

While we were shopping and having dinner David & Madison had dinner and Morgan brought a friend so they we shopping at the mall the whole time...Everyone was Happy, Happy, Happy

McKinley bought matching pj's and a shirt:)

Next up was the Bistro for dinner.

It was so cute. They put your doll next to you in a highchair and bring her out a plate with a little cup:)

 The food was really good too!

 And after dinner they brought McKinley a mini cupcake and sang happy birthday.

And 2 hours later she looked like this:)

We had a fun weekend celebrating our "middle"!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy Birthday


I can't believe at 8:20 this morning you turned 9...9! Time has flown by and my little baby has turned into a girl.

This was your 8th bday

For about two years you had missing teeth:) I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get a picture of you will a full set of teeth! Thank goodness they are all back in now:)

You make life so much fun. McKinley you were made to be a big sister. You love helping Madison out and teaching her new things.

You are my child that LOVES to read...You almost always have a book in your hand and I love that about you. Your also my snuggle partner:) You love to snuggle with your Mama! I hope that never changes, but I know a day is coming when it will:(.

McKinley you wake up with a smile on your face and carry that smile throughout the day. Oh how your smile lights up a room.

I am SO happy God chose me to be your Mom, you are one amazing little girl!

I love you!