Friday, April 26, 2013

8 months

It's hard to believe that we have been home from China for 8 months. We've certainly come along way from those early days where there were more bad times than good. Even to hear Madison talk, which she still does (A LOT), is simply amazing when you consider that just 8 months ago Madison didn't know a single word of English. While Madison is a handful we are lucky to have her and thankful we took the step to adopt. Life isn't easy by any means but it is certainly getting better and it's neat to see the little God moments along the way that make it all worth it.

Madison is:

Happy (most of the time--see below)
always smiling (most of the time--again see below)
loves to talk....did I mention A LOT!
loves to sing
adores playing in her kitchen
likes to dress up
a little fish in the water
still sleeping in her bed at night. YAY
loves to take her bucket & shovel & dig in the yard (maybe she'll find an old mason jar of cash one day)
a "I know what I want" kind of girl
a fast learner
loves playing on the ipad

As I said earlier, Madison has been showing some progress lately and that brings HOPE to this sometimes weary mama! As I have shared before anything can "set her off" and in the past, once she gets upset she cant calm herself down. While we have seen some big improvement in this area over the  past 2 weeks (Praise the Lord), I will let this next picture show what some days are like. Keep in mind this was all triggered because she could not reach her pencil in the pouch on the back of the seat and she wouldn't wait for me to stop the car and get it.  Seems silly to us but it does show some of the hurt and brokeness deep inside of her. This crying episode lasted 20 minutes.

But tomorrows a new day and most of the time we get to see this side of her (see video below) where she dresses up and makes me sit down and watch her "perform".  I think she is singing Jesus loves me but I'm not quite sure :-)

Madison loves her stuffed animals and she is such a good little "mommy" to them. I love watching her play, feed & read to them.

You cant help but smile when you see this face!

 I cant believe Madison's been here for 8 months!!!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This week at the girls school is spirit week. Today was crazy hair day...I will let you decide, but I think my girls got into it:)

Don't you love that look? she absolutely hates pictures!

Next up...favorite team day, so they will be sporting their Bama gear!

Happy Tuesday,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Well the day started this morning with morgan waking  up to her bedroom door being decorated.

So when she opened her door all the balloons fell on her:)

Then she had to cheer after school so I took a cookie cake for the cheerleaders.

and we had MORE cupcakes & cookies when she got home. I may have went a little overboard but my baby only turns 13 once!

If you haven't caught on yet Morgan's favorite band is 1-Direction. She has had an envelope in a drawer for about 5 months and every time she gets any $ she puts it in her 1-D ticket fund.. Well tonight we surprised her with tickets for her bday. She has to pay for my ticket, with the $ she has been saving.since I will be the one who has to go sit for 4 hours listening to a bunch of teenagers scream.

 I got a helium balloon and tied the tickets to the end of the ribbon
so that when she opened her present the balloon would float up in the air

 and her tickets would be at the end of the ribbon
this was her running to hug us!

Her reaction was PRICELESS. We did get it on video but I'm not sure if i will put it on blog or not.

It has been a great day & I am blessed to call herc my daughter.



Morgan is turning 13 today....13! How can this be? It feels like only yesterday that I was going to the hospital to have her. Tonight at 8:49 PM she will be 13. SO today I am taking a walk down memory lane:)

Morgan you truly are my miracle child. Some of you already know Morgan's story but I am going to share the "cliff notes" version. When I was pregnant with Morgan I went to the doctor for my first sonogram & they didn't see anything so the Dr. sent me for blood work and I was told to come back in the following week. The next week I had another sono showing no heartbeat...I was heartbroken and devastated. They did more blood work & 2 more sonograms over the next several weeks and when all was said and done I was informed that I had lost my baby and I was scheduled for a D&C.

That Saturday when I went to the hospital to have the procedure I was told that my Dr. was in emergency surgery so we were sent to a waiting room. While we were there a nurse came & said Mrs. Whitten I am going to give you a sonogram while your waiting...this nurse had no idea that I was there to get a D&C and knew nothing about my case but I reluctantly went with her. By this time I was on my 5th sonogram and I knew the drill. However on this day the nurse said something I hadn't heard before, as she rubbed the wand over my belly she said, "and here's your baby's heartbeat" I literally jumped off the table...say what? My baby doesn't have a heartbeat. I began to cry & tell her why I was there.

That day and that miracle will be forever etched in my memory! God is SO good! From that day forward I had no more problems and delivered the most beautiful baby girl on April 16, 2000.

Morgan's first youth camp at 5 weeks old!

Morgan, you have made my life so much better than I could have ever imagined. You are growing up to be a beautiful young women & I know God has some amazing plans for your life. My prayer is that you will follow after His plans for you and that you will grow up to be a sold out follower of Christ in all you do.

You are a great big sister!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


On Sunday David used an illustration during his sermon about how our faith in Jesus is a lot like paint...paint just sitting in a bucket is useless, but when you take out a brush and begin to apply it that is when the paint transforms your house. Our faith is just the same, if we don't apply what we learn on Sunday's or what the Lord is teaching us in our daily time with Him then it's useless.

The Bible isn't about information but application!

So as I was reading the Sermon on the Mount this morning, I looked in the commentary section and it was saying how Jesus not only wanted to teach the multitudes but He also wanted to teach those who had a sincere desire to know more about Him. He had crowds of people following Him to listen to His teachings but He wanted to speak to those who weren't just curious about the miracles He had preformed but those who deep down in their hearts took Him seriously. So He went up a very steep hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee, because He knew only those who took His messiahship seriously would make the effort to go all the way to the top.

This stood out to me & also convicted me greatly. I thought of the pastors that our church supports in Uganda, and how they walk or ride a bike for miles and miles to church each week to preach God's word and how their congregations also walk for miles just to hear God's word! And then I thought of the times when maybe we've had a long weekend & how tempted I sometimes am just to sleep in. Or how when it rains it seems like church attenance is down or if there is a big game on tv our church services take a hit...I just feel like we have so many excuses on why we "cant make it". But if we start reading the Bible not just for information but actually apply it then we would have a heart for Jesus, we would be like one of those people who followed Him up a steep, very treacherous terrain just to hear Him preach. LORD I WANT TO BE LIKE THAT. I am tired of making excuses. I dont want to be like those who were only "curious" and did'nt want to make the extra effort.

I pray the next time you (and I) are tempted to give an excuse on why were to busy for God we will remember his word & what He did for us on the cross.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

interview with Madison

As you can tell her speech is getting better as each month passes. She loves being in front of the camera as well.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Morgan now has braces! I can't say that she is thrilled or even happy about it, but nonetheless she got them today.

Her last meal request:

This was her picking out the color of bands she wanted:

She decided on neon pink!

All on all I think she did well and doesn't seem to be in to much pain right now, in fact she says she wants to still go to youth tonight at church.

That picture was taken right before they started:)

before & after

I love my Morgan! I cannot believe that in only 13 days she will be a teenager....with that said please start praying for me NOW :)

Be Blessed!