Thursday, July 24, 2014


Madison turned SIX yesterday! This was her 2nd birthday with us and she had a great day. We spent the last 3 days at the Nick hotel in Orlando.

Madison & McKinley got "slimmed" 3 different times, played for hours on watersides & had hours of fun.

Waiting to get slimmed!
 I even got slimmed once..there will be no pictures of that to follow:)

I think McKinley could spend all day long on the water slides, two days in a row she spent 4 hours straight going up & down the slides:

Madison enjoyed them too:

They got some tattoos as well:

And we even had breakfast with sponge bob & all his friends one day.

Morgan has been a real trooper. I know that when your sisters are 6 & 8 years younger than you she has endured lots of things that have not been so fun for her:) She joined right in on the picture taking fun and even got slimmed with us one day. Morgan your the BEST!

 They brought Madison out a cupcake with a candle at breakfast:) the cupcake had a pink umbrella on it and oddly enough that was her favorite thing..she carried that umbrella around all day!

Happy Birthday to my sweet & sassy girl!  I love you!

Friday, July 18, 2014


We rented a boat for our last day at the beach and the girls went tubing and had a blast!

 Morgan & her friend Claudia!
 Even Madison got in on the fun. Morgan was so good with her, She made sure she didn't fall off.

Morgan also taught McKinley how to tube like a pro!
As much as David tried Morgan didn't fall off not even once!

She was getting a little cocky:)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

beach pictures

Nothing to report here, but I took a few pictures on the beach with Madison I thought I'd share.

 Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alafia river

well we enjoyed being home for a week:) We got a few things done round the house and Morgan got to spend some time with a few friends. David was finally able to get his kayak out on the water. He & McKinley went for a 3 hr ride on the Alafia river.

Not much going on last week which was nice since we had 5 straight weeks of going going going!

We left for the beach on Sunday and some friends met us there. The girls had a blast on the paddleboard.

They spent a while "burying" Madison in the sand.

Beautiful day at the beach!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Home sweet home

Well we finally made it back home (we've been home for 5 days now I've just been a blog slacker).
We really enjoyed all our travels but living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks was starting to get to me.
I am trying to pick up where I left off, for my own memory sake and that, I think, was at Stone Mt park in Ga. We had a great 4th of July week there.

We got to see the fireworks show three nights in a row! And during the day we went to the park. The girls did a ropes course and seemed to like it. I wasn't sure how Madison would do because she barely met the height requirement but she made it through..with a little help from her Dad.

There were a few funny ones of Morgan:

Love the look on her face:)

Morgan & McKinley did the high ropes course while David & Madison did the regular one. You can tell by the look on McKinley's face she was starting to regret her decision to go up so high.

Bless her heart, she did NOT want to go any further but there was nothing I could do and so she pushed through & made it!

Madison was very brave too.

Then we road the aqua duck, it's a van that can ride in the water as well. It was really neat and once we got out on the water the driver let all the kids take a turn driving it.

We finished up in Stone Mountain and then went to spend the night with our friend's, the Anderson's in Atlanta. We had a wonderful time worshipping on Sunday at Buckhead church. This is one of Andy Stanley's church's. He was on vacation that day so one of his staff preached and was really good.

A.C., one of my FAVORITE people!

The music was awesome and my girls loved it because they gave out snow cones to all the kids:)

We had such a nice time in Atlanta. Those of you who know Mike & Sherrie, well you know what amazing hosts they are. We didn't want to leave:(

Feels good to be back in the sunshine state however!

Happy Friday!