Tuesday, July 31, 2012

we have TA !!!

We got our travel approval TODAY! We had a few dates to choose from and since we are in the process of selling our home & moving into another one ( hopefully, this will take place at the end of next week) fingers crossed:) ANYWAY, because of all the house stuff we have chosen to travel on August 23rd.This is not set in stone yet, our Agency still has to schedule Madison's consulate & Visa appointments but it looks very favorable that we will leave on the 23rd and return on Sept 6 ( my mom's bday) When I told her that, she said "what a wonderful bday present" well Mom, glad you feel that way, because we will be broke at that point so she WILL be your only bday present . Ha!

Anyway, as you can see we have ALOT going on here..for some reason David & I thought it would be fun to plan a move & an adoption all in a 2 week period! CRAZY. But, It is what it is.

So when I say we covet your prayers...I really mean WE COVET YOUR PRAYERS! There are several things that have to fall into place over the next couple of days to get this house thing moving along, so please pray for that as well.

We should know by Friday afternoon if the 23rd is the date we will be traveling & then we will start booking our plane tickets..EEEK! Another big prayer request....I hate to fly :) Poor David, that's all I have to say about that!

Keep you all posted!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Article 5

Well I have been a slacker on updating the blog lately, sorry! Here is where we are at: Our Article 5 was dropped off on Tuesday and travel approval has been coming around 12-15 days after your Article 5 drop off. So by next Friday we could get the call with our travel approval!!! We did, However have a little hiccup this week. We were suppose to get our passports & Visa's back last week, when they didn't come in I called our agency to find out where they were and Long story short they are making David fill out a few extra forms as well as write a letter stating that he will not preach or minister in any way while we are in China! Yep, that's right folks, they will not approve our Visa's until they have those forms & that letter as well as the exact dates that we will be in China. So this may delay our travel dates by a week or so:( It is looking more like the middle ? end of August when we will be traveling but that all depends on when our travel guide can get Madison's visa appointment & consulate appointment booked. I have heard that they are booking the first week of September now.

So that is the latest on the Adoption, If you could please continue to pray for Madison as she waits for us to come and get her as well as for David & I. We have made the decision to leave both girls home since it looks like they will be starting back school when we travel. My parents are coming here to stay with them while we are gone. That makes me feel so much better knowing they will be in great hands here with my parents However... It is a little bitter sweet to leave my two girls behind to gain another child. It will no doubt be a LONG 2 weeks away but with every ones prayers I know we will make it through.

Thanks for going on this journey with us!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy birthday Madison!!

Today is our sweet daughters birthday. She is turning 4 yrs old.
She does not even know that today is her special day:( Hopefully this time
next month we will be in china meeting her .

Please say a prayer for Madison today as she comes to mind. We are
praying that her foster mom has read the letter we wrote to her & is
preparing her for what is about to happen in a few short weeks. I know she
is very attached to her foster mom & this will not be an easy transition for her.
But, I also know that God has arranged this day before Madison was even born
and He will get us through the long & hard road ahead.

We are hoping to get our passports & visa back this week. And we are expecting to get
travel approval in the next 2 weeks as well. when our agency gets our travel approval they will
then call us with dates of travel & then start making Madison's Visa & Consulate appointments.
It is all starting to come together now & we really covet your prayers for our family over the next few
months as we transition into our new " normal".


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Adoption Update

Yes, we have officially moved into the Tavel stage of the Adoption process!
David & I have begun filling out paperwork to apply for our Visa's. I will be mailing
that off tomorrow and we wait a few weeks to get our passports back from China.

About two weeks ago we got an update on our sweet Madison (sorry, it's just been
crazy around here so that is why I am just now writing about this:). No new pictures,
 But in the update we found out that she was moved to a foster home in Oct, 2010.
This was news to us, but from the pics we got when we sent her a gift she looked so happy
and healthy. It also said that she is a little delayed in her speech and motor skills & learns a little
slower than others. They said that she was a very sweet & polite child and played well with
others. YAY! I am hoping that once we get her home I can work with her and get her the help
she needs to catch up.

we are continuing to pray that the Lord is already preparing her heart to meet us as well as preparing us to meet her. I pray that we will be the tool that God uses to bring Madison to her Savior one day.

                                          Can't wait till those flip flops are filled!!!!

Happy Sunday!