Friday, June 23, 2017

family photos

we updated our family photos last month.. Something that stresses me out! I struggle with trying to coordinate matching outfits. We took them at a local barn and it was beautiful.

My friend, Yanira takes our pictures each year and she always does a fabulous job! It's not easy taking pictures for a family of FIVE.

Now onto that wedding i was talking about a few days ago>

It was Emily and Reese's wedding and it was in Thomasville, Ga at the Pebble Hill plantation.
And when I say it was a beautiful venue, I am not kidding!

We stayed at the South Eden plantation and it was also beautiful. I had a little photo shoot with Morgan on the grounds.

view from our room!

I just realized I did instagram stories at the wedding and I didn't save them so i don't have any pictures of the ceremony
and the amazing reception. The reception looked like a scene right out of Father of the bride , It was beautiful.

Emily arrived at the wedding on a horse and carriage:) and she and Reese left in the carriage.

I hate that I didnt get any pictures of the reception. Just think amazing tables, center pieces, and hanging laterns throughout all these beautuful trees :). It was definitely a wedding I will never forget.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ground breaking

I never posted about our Ground breaking at church. It was in March and hands down one of the best services I've ever been a part of. We had all of our Five weekend services come together and we met outside on the very spot that we will be building our new building.

David and Pastor Daniel 

Me and my friend, Karin!

I love our church and all those who make up Fishhawk Fellowship. God has BIG things in store for us. Greater things are yet to come.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

playing catch up...AGAIN

Let me just start off by saying I STINK at blogging! I just can't seem to be consistent with it.
But I have people/family ask me often when am I going to post again, so today seems to be as good a day as any:). I can't believe I never even posted about Morgan's 17th bday in April! (MOM FAIL)

April 16:

Morgan had a swim party for her 17th birthday.  18 of her closest Friends came over to party.

May 2017:
McKinley finshed 5th grade and is officially a middle schooler:((

Madison finsihed 2nd garde.

We had lots of other school functions in May but I can't seem to find those photos.")

June 2017: Summertime!!!!!!

We've been spending our days relaxing by the pool. We spent this last weekend in Ga for a wedding, a beautiful wedding. I will talk about that tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!