Thursday, May 21, 2015

Party, Party, Party

This last week of school for McKinley & Madison have been filled with parties, playing, award banquets and just all out FUN!

On Monday, the kindergartners preformed in Chapel.  Each child  had to memorize a saying that went along with the alphabet. Madison had the letter "J" and she did great. Below is a video
( hopefully it will work..fingers crossed)

After chapel they went back to their classroom and the teachers gave out awards. Madison got the "most creative" award:)

After that I went to Boing with McKinley's 3rd grade class for their year end party.

They jumped on trampolines for 1.5 hours and then ate pizza...sounds like a good combo right? ha!

Then on Tuesday night McKinley got an award for the A/B honor roll all year.

And now onto Wednesday, this was our last night of Awana at church and we had our award ceremony. I am very proud of McKinley, she got a certificate, a pin, and an alpha award for completing her whole book!

Which leads us to today, Thursday, Madison has a water party. They rented a waterside for the kids to play on and they have water guns etc.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday... I am tired!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The end is near!

McKinley and Madison only have ONE week left of school. HOORAY! But Morgan has THREE weeks left, that's right her little sisters get out 2 weeks before her and it is going to drive her nuts:)

May is always a busy month with year end stuff like parties, programs, and award bouquets etc. So I have been keeping busy. Here are a few things the girls have done this month:

McKinley held the Christian flag in chapel.

The girls also had an Art fair at their school so I had the chance to go look at a few of their masterpieces:)

McKinley's cross shadow box

This was Madison's butterfly right behind her.
Coming up next week: Madison preforms in chapel and then I chaperon McKinley's year end party. We also have an awards program to go to. Next week at school is pretty much just a week of no work and having fun with all their friends before schools out for summer!

A little update on Morgan..well she has been 15 a little over a month now and the other day I thought I would let her drive a bit....I will just say 3 minutes in I was in tears and I made her stop the car:( I'm pretty sure David will be the one teaching our girls how to drive, I am way to high strung for that job!

( prayers appreciated as we start this new little-not-so-fun-phase)
 And then there is little London! Her new favorite thing to do is run and jump in bed with McKinley every night:) If we leave  McKinley's bedroom door open after shes gone to sleep almost always we find London in the bed with her:)

McKinley and London are always together and it's so sweet!

Happy Saturday!