Monday, October 31, 2016

LAst day in Haiti

On our last day in Haiti we went back to the school and finished up some loose ends there and then went back to the new house and had a little dedication ceremony and gave Maraglie the keys.

It was such a sweet time of singing praises to God and being sure that Maraglie, along with the other people in the town who came, understood that she wasn't getting this new home because of rich Americana's, She was getting this house because of GOD!

 And then the moment she got her keys:)

Such a cool moment watching her walk into her new home!

I will never forget my time in Haiti and feel very confident I will be going back again one day.
Morgan is already raising funds for her trip in March, she really feel in love with it last year and she was part of the reason I wanted to go. I can see now why she loved it so much.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Haiti part 3:

On day 3 and 4 we painted the Welcome home Haiti house for the very deserving family who would be getting the new home.

The out house

I have to be honest at one point I was so hot and tired I was just ready to be done..I could tell my attitude was starting to decline and then all of the sudden I could hear Magnelie ( the lady who was getting the house) signing praises to God! Even though We speak another language I could pick out the praise songs she was singing. It lifted my spirits so much!
( I tried 4 times to upload the video of her singing but I couldn't get it to work, sorry!)

We built 5 beds and a table for the house and then got to set everything up for her as a surprise.

Below is her current house she was living in.

The kitchen

And the new house:)

What an amazing experience to be apart of.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Haiti part 2:

So the first day we traveled and then went and unloaded the crate we had shipped with a lot of supplies. Day two we started taking the pictures of the kids...There was 1,540 kids at the HCM school and we took pictures of every single one of them..in 2 days!

Some loved to have their pictures taken and others did not. Especially the high schoolers.

The Whitten's have started sponsoring this little cutie:

I just fell in love with little Rose!

It was so HOT and we worked outside everyday all day long so by the evening time we were all exhausted from the heat, but it was totally worth it.

Day 2 was a success!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Haiti Part 1

I left last Monday headed for a week in Haiti. I wasn't sure what to expect since this was my first time there but I had a great week. I really do not enjoy flying so this was the perfect trip, only a little over 2 hrs and we were there.

Yanira and I waiting to head to Miami

And were off!

We flew to Miami and had a couple hrs layover and met up with the rest of the team and then headed to Haiti. Once we got there we got on the Tap Tap, which is basically in the back of a big truck and headed to drop off our things at the hotel and then headed to pillatre, where we would be working all week.


Our Hotel:

 That was the view from our room.

We worked most of the week at Pillatre Christian school taking pictures for HCM (Haitian christian ministries) for their child sponsorship.

They have a school, church and medical center all on site.

The kids were amazed by us and loved to come up and hug us and rub our arms and play with our hair:) So I had been warned that when the bell rang for break if I valued my personal space at all I needed to go into the apartment that was by the school because none of the children are aloud in there.

So as you can tell I choose not to go into the apartment:)

We had a great first day in Haiti!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Baptism and BBQ 2016

We had our yearly Baptism and BBQ today and it was great. It's always exciting to see people being born again into God's kingdom. This year we had about 40 people who were baptized and several families who were baptized together..wow, what a special moment!

David also got to baptize the one thousandth person in FFC history!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Life lately

This has been my life lately:

Obviously, I'm kidding, sort of.

We had a built in removed from our wall and I wanted a ship lap wall so I had someone come in a create a ship lap type look:)

Thanks to McClain custom carpentry!



Now I am whitewashing it and distressing it a little. I have always loved the farmhouse/Joanna Gaines style so that is the look I'm going for in the house.

And since it's Fall I absolutely love all things pumpkins!

I wish I could keep Fall decorations up all year long!

I've been having way to much fun decorating the house.

Happy Hump Day!