Saturday, September 21, 2013


David is preforming a wedding this weekend at the Aquarium in Tampa so we got to take the girls for the rehearsal and BOTH McKinley & Madison loved it.  ( I didn't bring my camera so all these pics are from my iPhone so their not the greatest)

 I cant wait to go to the wedding, it is going to be in front of the huge fish tank!



OK so it has been a while since I have updated so this post will be a bunch of random things that have been happening. It will probably bore most of you  so I will not be offended if you go ahead & back out now.

Last Saturday the girls and I went to a memorial celebration for Tiffany, a sweet 14 year old girl who went to our church. Catrina, her mom is a amazing women & I feel so lucky to know her. After Tiffany's sudden death back in August, Todd & Catrina planted a beautiful garden in their yard as a memorial to Tiffany-

So they had a little celebration for those who knew Tiffany to come and decorate these stones in her honor to be put in her garden, It was a very sweet (and sad) time. McKinley and Tiffany's younger sister, Camille worked on a stone together:

And their finished product looked like this:
Now Tiffany loved 1-Direction, which we all know Morgan is crazy about so when we walked in and they had 1-D posters and music playing Morgan was very happy:)

He was Tiffany's favorite band member!

The girls picking out the stones & things they wanted to use.

Tiffany also had a love for Batman so Morgan & her friend Brittany made this stone:

It was a great day celebrating a wonderful young girl.

In other news, Morgan is doing cross country at school...She survived her first race:

and then later she looked like this:

Bless her heart, she was in her room doing homework & when I went to check that is how I found her:)

I am very proud of Morgan she is stepping out of her comfort zone this year & doing things that is a little scary for her.

And lastly, a friend gave us the Duck Dynasty game and that has been a big hit around here these last 2 Weeks...Everyday McKinley begs us to play, so this is what it looks like around our house every night around 8:)

We have also had a(small) laundry room makeover and Grandparents day at school but this post has already gotten way to long so I will spare you all those details:)

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Wow, What a game! Even I was pacing the floor those last few minutes.

Roll Tide Roll!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


One year ago today at 10:30 PM, David and I landed at the Tampa airport with Madison and began our journey as a family of five. There have been numerous ups & downs in this last year but we have made it through, praise the Lord!

We had my parents and sister at the airport along with two friends that helped drive an extra car to the airport. Freddie drove our car and Anne drove my parents (because they are directionally challenged..I get it honestly!)

A lot of tears were shed that day from shear exhaustion!

    Notice the Chick fil A in the picture that was waiting on us when we arrived:)

I remember that night as if it was yesterday..I was physically and emotionally exhausted. When we landed all three of us had been awake for over 30 hrs.

Madison was ok when we first saw everyone & then got overwhelmed and started crying. Next was putting her in the car & buckling her in her car seat.. that didnt go so well and took a few weeks before she would actually stay buckled without screaming.

She was very hesitant with everyone that first night but the first person who won her over was Morgan-

My how love can truly change a person when they let their walls down and begin to accept love.

These last 2 weeks with Madison have been truly amazing. She has been happy, playful, sharing and I could go on & on.
She is the just the right balance of sweet, sassy & stubborn!

Could she get any cutier? I dont think so. Madison sure does make life more exciting around here.

Friday, September 6, 2013

FALL...My Favorite Season

September is one of my favorite months of the year (and it's not just because my birthday is this month:). My Mom's birthday is today (Happy Birthday Mom, wish I could be there celebrating with y'all) my mother-in-law's birthday is also this month as well as David's Grandmother, so this is a big month for our family. But the number 1 reason I love this month is because September is the beginning of Fall.

Fall doesn't officially begin until September 22 but I am already excited. The weather feels better, I love all the pumpkin smells, and in general am just happier during Fall. I have had a Frozen pumpkin Latte twice this week and let me just say they are HEAVENLY! It is like drinking fall in a glass. I already have my pumpkin spice candle burning everyday and will be heading to bath & body soon to stock up on the pumpkin and fall harvest lotions and soaps. While my Alabama wreath is still hanging on my front door I will be replacing it very soon with my favorite fall wreath. Am I relaying to you how much I am obsessed with this season?? Good, my family is tired of hearing about it so I thought I would bore you all with it now:)

I mentioned in a post last week that we (me and David) are making Friday's our date day since all three girls are in school now. Today we dropped the kids off at school and headed to the beach. I felt really guilty for about 5 minutes and then the guilt turned into JOY, pure joy. The beach without kids is a totally different experience. I actually got to read a book and didn't have to make one single sand castle... It was so relaxing.

Today was a good day!