Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

When your family lives 500 miles away you go to Cracker Barrel on Thanksgiving:)
Unfortunately, so did 300 other people:( This was what it looked liked outside..

That was only half the people, But it was good food and I didn't have to cook.
Although I was really saddened by Morgan's choice of food for her Thanksgiving meal:

The rest of us ate the traditional Thanksgiving meal:)

Then we went to the movies to see Frozen:

We had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving and today we are doing a little of this:

4 more week till Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Yesterday when we picked the girls up from school we headed to down town Disney to go to Disney quest. We had never been and my sister had given us 6 free tickets that they didn't use while they were at Disney (score.!) And with 6 tickets that meant that Morgan could invite a friend, so she was very happy.

playing guitar hero!

We all had a great time and ended the night listening to a concert over looking the water.We didn't head home till 10:15 so this was the latest we've had Madison out. She did pretty good but I will just say we have been PAYING for it today, I will leave it at that.

Today I woke up and decided to start getting my Christmas stuff out…I know, I know it's not even thanksgiving yet. I had that same thought, but Thanksgiving being a full week later this year is throwing me off. So I turned on some Christmas music and started decorating.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catching up...

 I know that I am becoming a slacker with my blog. I just forget to update it most days. So I thought I would hop on & catch you all up on what we've been doing.

Last weekend my sister, Amanda, and her youngest son Cason along with my cousin & her daughter came to Disney. We met them at their hotel on Saturday and let the cousins swim and play.

We really enjoyed getting to see them even if it was only for a few hours:)

Today ( Thursday) Madison had her Thanksgiving feast at school.

She had a great time and ate WAY TO MUCH sugar!

I loved her cute little place mat:)

I am really looking forward to the girls being off from school all next week. I am hoping for at least one day of staying in our PJ's all day, those are the best days especially since the Holiday seasons is here. Our calendar is already filling up for every weekend in December. Since bringing Madison home we were forced to slow down & not crowd our calendar and I kind of enjoyed it. So we are trying to slow things down a bit this Holiday season at our house.

Next week we will be putting up all the Christmas decorations. Madison cannot wait, she has been asking for Christmas for 3 months!

Happy Thursday!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A good word

I haven't wrote a lot about adoption lately but that doesn't mean It's not been on my mind. I am just not an eloquent writer so I have trouble putting my thoughts down in a cohesive way. But as I was reading an adoption blog this morning everything she was saying was ringing so true to me…I mean I found myself saying AMEN & PREACH IT, Sister. Adoption has been one of the biggest ways I have been able to understand & learn more about God's character and grace, yet also learn a lot about myself and my selfishness. I thought I would share this blog post with anyone who wanted to read it.


Have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cracker Country

Yesterday I went on a field trip with McKinley.We went to Cracker country to see how people lived in the 1800's, It was really interesting.( And I am so thankful I wasn't living back then:)

The kids got to shop at the general store, churn butter, learn about the old train station and many other things.

McKinley made a candle:

McKinley got to wash clothes the way they did back in the 1800's :

It was a fun day spent with my sassy & sweet 7 yr old. I feel so fortunate to be able to stay home with my kids and to be able to go on every field trip they have. I know these days will be gone before I know it so I am trying to stop & taking it all in.

Happy Thursday!