Saturday, January 25, 2014


Madison got a outfit for Christmas that came with a matching outfit for her doll. We both completely forgot about this gift until this morning.

That's right, I even found a matching bow:) I love me some big hair bows !

In other news: Morgan had her first flag football game and they won! Yay

That's Morgan snapping the ball.

And McKinley finally learned how to ride her bike without training wheels:) For some reason she has been very scared to even try to ride her bike but on Sunday we took her to the park and said "You are going to do this" and tough love worked! After only 5 minutes she had it done and has been obsessed with riding her bike ever since.

Happy Saturday!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello Kitty

We have had a relaxed weekend, I always love when that happens…No commitments, no packed schedules…Bliss!

We went to dinner Friday night at the mall & while we were there Madison, out of the blue, said she wanted her ears pierced just like Morgan & McKinley. I was a bit hesitant at first, thinking it may traumatise her having someone punch holes in her ears:) But we explained to her that it would hurt for a few minutes then it would be fine. She asked several more time and so we DID IT!

The pictures are horrible, I know. I just couldn't seem to get a good one for some reason.
Madison picked out Hello Kitty ear rings and she did not even flinch when they pierced them. She was SO excited and yesterday, at church showed everyone she ran into her new ear rings:-)

I was so proud of her as well. She is very comfortable in her environment now and seems like she been apart of our family from the very beginning. What a difference 16 months make!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Madison- Update

I realized today that I haven't updated in a while about Madison's progress. So today I thought I would share some updates. If I don't write them down here then I wont remember and I want to have a record of it.
Madison has really been doing well in school. She is still a little behind but I am hopeful that she will catch up and be ready to start Kindergarten next year. Her language is coming along well too. Little by little she is learning to speak in sentences.

Madison loves electronics..especially the ipad. We really have to watch this because she would sit all day and play on it if we let her.

I think we may have a future Dr. too because she LOVES to play Doctor and her imagination is amazing.  The other day we were playing Dr. and she gave me a shot and said "hold the cotton ball right here while I go get you a princess band aid." Ha!

She said the Lord's prayer to me in the car so when we got home today I recorded her saying it again.I know that once her English is perfect I will miss these days of hearing her so I am trying to video a lot.

Madison sings and dances around the house ALL. THE. TIME. And I must be honest in saying that she has more spunk and personality than we know what to do with at times:)
She makes me smile everyday and says some of the funniest stuff. I have to share a few things she has said the last few days before I forget:

Last night she was dancing around and tried to do a handstand, she did one and said " Look mommy, I did a hand sanitizer"

I packed her a ham sandwich for lunch yesterday and when I got her in car line she said "I want salad on my hamburger" So today I put "salad" aka lettuce on her sandwich!

Earlier she "had gas and pooted" and she said "excuse me, my bottom burped" Ha! I just had to write that down.

She is always saying hilarious things. I love this little sassy, spunky, beautiful girl!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Random things

We have had a good first week back into reality after 2 weeks out of school . I would be lying if I didn't say I was READY for school to be back in and I may have sang the Hallelujah chorus when  I had the house all to myself on Tuesday:)

I was looking through all our pictires and videos from Stone Mt an dfound this one David had taken from his phone. We were on the familt tubes!

Yesterday Madison had a routine check up with the hematologist in Tampa. There was only 1 other person in the waiting room so I mistakenly thought we would be in and out….We were called back into a room after only 10 minutes of waiting however, we had to wait back in the room for 70 minutes…. yes, you read that correctly 70 minutes! And for your enjoyment I took some pics.

And the below picture was after we had played "doctor" for about 30 minutes and "I spy" and any other game I could think of to keep little miss sassy busy. We finally broke down & gave her David's phone to watch a movie.

I can't remember if I put a picture of the cake Morgan made for David's bday…. so here is a one of the Mustache cake she made.

And here are a few pictures from Alabama:

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Happy Birthday to the BEST Husband, Father & Pastor in the world!

You continually amaze me with your spiritual maturity in situations that would make most people crack under all the pressure. You truly are "wise beyond your years".

You are a great "girl dad" and you have never made me feel for one second, like you were missing out by not having a son. You are a wonderful roll model to your girls of the kind of man I hope they all marry someday.

You ride all the rides I don't want to go on:-)

You hold all our girls when they have to have blood drawn because you know I hate to see them cry.
( and I have a tendency to pass out:)

I am so glad I get to spend my life with you!

Happy Birthday Babe!

Love ~ Your girls

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR ( Warning picture overload)

We have spent the last 2 days at Stone Mountain, Ga and have LOVED ever minute of it!

We surprised the girls and left Alabama 2 days early and took them to see snow. I think I have had as much fun as they have :)

We have been snow tubing, riding the train, polar express 3D, and so much more.

There may have been a snowball fight or two!

We leave here tomorrow and head to see David's granny before heading back home to Florida.

I have taken over 200 pictures and its hard to narrow them down so I will leave you with a few more.