Saturday, May 24, 2014

Graduation #3

Last night was our final graduation of the year, and it was by far the most emotional one. Morgan is NOT a very emotional girl so I was not really prepared for what I encountered last night.

I believe that it finally hit Morgan last night that she will not see most of these kids again. She has been with this same group since she was 3!!

Mrs. Crowson & Mrs. White

There were a LOT of tears. We practically had to drag Morgan out of the reception at midnight last night!

The cake
receiving my rose
Now we can officially start our summer!

Happy Summer!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Graduation (2)

Yesterday we got to watch Madison walk across the stage & graduate from preschool. Each milestone she makes is a testament to God of his amazing plan for her life.

Madison did great & ROCKED the stage as always:) . After they sang a few songs they had to say their name in the microphone and say something they loved/thankful for. I must admit I get really nervous when Madison has a microphone to say whatever she has on her mind....We really never know what's going on in that head of hers....So as each child went they were saying things like "the beach" "pizza" "alligators " and then it was Madison's turn and what she said melted my heart!

In that moment all the struggles and challenges that we have endured these last 18 months were ALL WORTH IT!  My little girl at the age of 4 never had a mommy and now that she does it means so much to her. It was truly a moment I will never forget.

I have to say a huge Thank you to Mrs. Knight ;)! Anne teaching her class was totally a GOD thing. I am so very thankful that He knew exactly what & who Madison needed her first year in school. Anne, you are the best! You went above & beyond for her this year and I will be forever grateful.

And tonight, Morgan's 8th grade graduation! Whew

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dr. In The House

This past Saturday my amazing husband graduated from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with his Doctorate!!! That is such a huge accomplishment for anyone, but to see how hard he has worked these past 4 years and how much he's had on his plate...Senior Pastor of a growing church, adopting Madison, and just having a young family that's always busy whew, I don't know how he did it all.

It was a lovely ceremony and I am so thankful that we all got to go support him. Last week I had the stomach flu and was really sick and then on Thursday David's grandfather passed away in Alabama. But God worked it all out and we were able to fly to N.O. Friday, go to graduation on Saturday, then rent a car & drive to Alabama so David could speak at the funeral on Monday.  Did I mention life was busy?

Our Family!

David's Dad & his wife, Linda

Some of our amazing friends surprised us & flew up to New Orleans....Blessed!

We also had some good food in the short time we were in New Orleans (Beignet's at Cafe Du Monde and a fancy dinner at Brennan's Steakhouse with steak, shrimp and grits, and a few awesome desserts)!

In all, it as a great time for David and our family...thanks for allowing me to brag a little.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers day!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom!

I was very fortunate to grow up with parents who loved me and loved God more. I had a great childhood and I couldn't ask for a better mom. Thanks, Mom for putting up with me:)

Friday I had my Mother's Day breakfast for McKinley's class:

She sang to me, served me breakfast, and wrote a journal all about me!

And this morning I woke up to breakfast in bed:) McKinley has such a sweet heart and she really wanted to make my day special...and she sure did.

Special K cereal & Iced coffee..YUM!

And as I have had many hugs & kisses from Madison today, I can't help but think of the woman who gave birth to her. I pray she somehow knows that the little girl she gave birth to 5 years ago is loved beyond measure.

Happy Mother's Day!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mothers Day Tea

Yesterday was Mother's Day Tea for Madison's class. My little firecracker was SO excited. She had been talking about it for over a week.

My place setting:

It was such a sweet morning with my youngest.

I cannot believe we are in May! This is a VERY busy month for us. I have THREE graduates this year.... Madison graduates from preschool on the 22nd. David graduates from Seminary on the 17th and Morgan graduates from 8th grade, Yes, I know that's a little weird but the private school that the girls go to only goes through the 8th grade. Morgan has been at Bell Shoals since she was 3! I am so sad she's leaving this school but excited about the future as well.

They have a full graduation ceremony with cap & gown. They have rented out a country club for a dinner with DJ and all. lots of pictures to come of all my graduates.

Happy Hump Day!