Monday, December 31, 2012


We made it to Alabama with a pretty uneventful 9 hour ride. Although we did have a certain 4 yr old in the back singing EVERY song that came on the radio and McKinley was quoting John 3 :16 over & over....Ha! And Morgan did what she always does..SLEEPS!

Anyway, I thought a great way to end 2012 would be to post some of my favorite pictures from the year, So if your one of those people who love looking at other peoples vacation photos then this post is for you. HA!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


We are packing up to head to Alabama for a few days, our family has postponed their Christmas until we could get there (Thank you Family!) SO the girls are excited that their Christmas isn't over yet:)

I wanted to put up a few pictures I have taken in the days since Christmas, not anything spectacular just a few of the "Little's" playing together. McKinley's friend down the street got a trampoline for Christmas so that is where both she & Morgan has been everyday since the 25th:)

Morgan might kill me for that one, but this is her drinking out of a silly straw!

The other day I noticed that McKinley & Madison had been in McKinley's room for a while , with no screaming so I thought I needed to check on them...this was what I saw.  I leave my camera out on the counter now so that I have easy access to it:)

She was talking to Ni hao kai lan in this photo:)

I hope you all are enjoying your after Christmas days off of work & spending time with the ones you love.