Monday, June 30, 2014

A sad farewell

Well we left Savannah this morning! David & I are already planning when we can come back:)

We left on the boat yesterday morning to walk around downtown again:

That picture was us on the boat, it really has no significance except that I haven't gotten one single picture of us that has been decent because, as I may have mentioned before, it's blazin HOT and my hair is always pulled back...So as soon as we got out this morning I took that picture and sure enough 15 minutes later my hair was up in a bun & my makeup was running down my face:)

I was living a dream  when we ate at Lady & Son's, Paula Deen's restaurant:

We spent most of the day just relaxing and reading (my 2nd book) by the pool.  And here's a little funny story, we decided to go eat at this BBQ place that we had read about. We drove about 10 minutes to get there & when we got there a bunch of people were outside and tables were set up like it was an outside buffet type of thing.  As we started to walk into the restaurant a lady close by told us to go get a plate, another man told us there were free drinks inside and to help ourselves. Well at this point, we both were a bit confused and then finally the lady said, "We are closed today for a book signing party but still grab some food because there's plenty."  So what happened?  We crashed a book signing party that's what! While I wanted to leave, David was all about the free food so we grabbed a plate and ate some BBQ.  Yep, me and David sat outside with a bunch of people who knew each other but not us, and as you might imagine (for those who know me), I was horrified.

Here is a (very bad) picture of the event and the book (which we didn't buy even though I felt we should after they asked us to stay.  Who knows, maybe we'll crash a wedding tomorrow!

And the summer sabbatical continues...I will see my kiddo's soon and I can't wait!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


David and I left Tybee Island and are spending our last two days in Savannah. We both really like it here. David loves all the history and I love all the shops:). Our hotel has a water taxi that takes you to downtown so we walked around downtown last night and yet, again found another outstanding restaurant called B. Matthews. This was more of an upscale place and David ordered Bacon wrapped RABBIT stuffed with sausage! Oh yes, you read correctly, and he said it was the best meal he has had so far!

Our meal:

My scallops!
I think he liked his Rabbit :)

After we ate we walked around some more for as long as we could stand it..Here's the thing, I don't do well in extreme heat, I hate to sweat and no one told me it's a BLAZIN 97 in Savannah in the middle of June! I mean, sure I probably should have known that but it really never crossed my mind when I was day dreaming about holding hands & walking through historic downtown with the man of my dreams and no kiddo's calling my name every 2 seconds!

Anyway, we made it back and sat by the water watching all the boats go by and it was a perfect end to a great day.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Today David and I toured the lighthouse and the museum on Tybee Island. After going up 178 steps and then back down my legs feel like jello but the view was worth it.  (thought of you Linda T)

While it's not really my cup of tea, David loves this kind of stuff...all the history and seeing old artifacts and such is right up his alley.  We also toured the museam of an old fort, Fort Screven. It had a lot of military and history of Tybee Island. One of the coolest things David found was an old Bible with a brass case.  The Bible was given to a soldier by his wife and she engraved "God's Weapon" on the cover.  It was put in the brass case so her husband could keep it inside his coat pocket over his heart...both physical and spiritual protection indeed.

And of course I have to show you the low country boil we had for dinner:)
We went to a place called "The crab shack".

Another good day!

Friday, June 27, 2014

I feel like a foodie

Who new that Tybee Island, Ga had such wonderful food? Last month when we went to New Orleans I was sick the week leading up to that trip, so while we were there I just couldn't eat all that good food, but boy am I making up for it here in Ga!

Every place we have went to has been wonderful. Yesterday, we went to a local fav called "the breakfast club" there was a line out the door but we had already been told not to let the line scare us as it moves very quick. So we made it through the door after about 15 minutes. They sat us at the counter so we got to watch the cooks (usually I don't like this....I'm really weird about seeing the "cook" or the kitchen at places that I am eating, because well, they usually are not up to my clean standards and then I don't want to eat there:) Anyhoo, it was really fascinating seeing how their "organized chaos"worked. Those guys were fast putting out all that fresh home cooked food.

I just snapped a quick pic with my phone so it's not great quality:

My omelet was very good, and I forgot to take a pictures of the pecan waffles that David ad but they were amazing..

And for lunch we went to a "hole in the wall place" and got shrimp PO boy's that were so good we are going back today to get them again. I forgot to take a picture of the PO boy but I did get a picture of the place:)

Again, I am not one to go to a place that doesn't even have 4 walls but every time we went by this place it was packed except for this day but it was 3 in the afternoon when we ate lunch so that's why no one else was there.

Another great day just relaxing on the beach. I have even read a whole book this week! Man, I am very productive when I don't have 3 kids to take care of:).  Oh I love them & every night when McKinley face times me I just want to jump through the phone and kiss her BUT we are really enjoying our time here.

I will end with a couple pic's my sister sent me yesterday. She & my mom took the girls & my nephew, Cason, to a play zone.

Amanda & Madison

Happy Friday!


We left the kids with family in Alabama and David and I headed to Tybee Island, Georgia for a weeks vacation...ALL ALONE...WITHOUT KIDS! It has been 3 years since our last couple's trip and this was much needed, especially since we haven't been able to get away much since our adoption of Madison.

It was a 6 hour drive from my parents home in Alabama and I can't believe I am saying this, but when you don't have 3 kids in the car a 6 hour car ride can be somewhat relaxing.

last night we went to a restaurant called "Social". I had shrimp n grits and it was SO good!

Then we took a little walk on the beach..because we can, remember NO KIDS:)

And then later that night we went back to the beach for the sunset.

I felt a little guilty leaving the girls, and there may have been a tear or two (by me not the girls) but I know they are having fun. My mom has sent me a few pictures of them playing in the spash park at a place called Oxford lake.

It makes it so much better knowing that my kids are with their grandparents and catching up on some lost time and playing with their cousins.  Morgan is also enjoying herself at my in-laws shopping and being away from her sisters for a few days. After 4 weeks of us all being together traveling I think we've all needed some alone time and we are grateful for the opportunity to do our own thing for a bit.

Please pray that everyone stays safe and healthy while we are apart and that everyone makes some great memories.  Blessings to you all.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

working in the garden

Growing up my Dad has always had a garden. Anyone who has a garden knows it's a lot of hard work that goes into it. His garden is thriving this year and he takes bags & bags of produce to church each week to give away.  Well today, he had a willing Grandchild who wanted to get her feet a little dirty and help.

I think the Sophie nightgown and tennis shoes is a good look, don't you?

And my very favorite thing from my Dad's garden...

Jalapeno peppers!!! YUM

Growing up I didn't appreciate the garden but now that I am adult, I realize how much effort & work goes into it.  

Blessed to be able to spend some time with Family this week!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

North Carolina part 3..last one, I promise

On our last few days in N.C. we toured a cave. This is something David really wanted to do. It was a neat one time experience, I can't say that I would ever want to do it again:)

Then my choice was to go hiking, It was fun but tiring!

This picture says it all...Morgan is annoyed at all my picture taking, McKinley is giving a fake smile so we can hurry up & go and Madison is eating it up because she loves to have her picture taken.

It was a short trail but it had rained before we went so it was muddy. We came up to a pretty waterfall.

And then when we got to the end this was the view:

And then David decided we should take a short cut & walk up the embankment... Morgan happened to be the last one so she's the one that got her picture taken:) It was much steeper than it looks in these pictures.

And we ended our time in N.C. with a fire & smores:

Happy Hump Day!